July 23, 2020

2020-09-09 | 22:08:23

"I called Ms Franklin last minute but never the less she was able to make me the most amazing cake, not just was it beautiful, it was delicious."
July 23, 2020

2020-09-09 | 22:08:21

"I've been ordering cakes, cake pops, & cupcakes from Mrs. D for the past few years and I haven't been disappointed! Delicious treats from a creative and gifted baker!"
July 4, 2020

2020-07-13 | 16:06:53

"The cake I ordered came out great and the service was great as well. I highly recommend this place for cake designs for special events. I am very satisfied!"
June 29, 2020

2020-07-13 | 16:06:49

"The cakes are scrumptious, especially the chocolate cakes and raspberry champagne cakes! I have had only great experiences at this bakery. I also strongly recommend that you try the ginger cookies. There’s array of various decadent cakes, pies and cookies to choose from. I also recommend the candy apples. I highly recommend ordering from this establishment!"
June 24, 2020

2020-07-13 | 16:06:42

"I highly highly recommend this business, I was overwhelmed with the cake and will definitely be coming back , no more Walmart or BJ’s for me this is the place to get your cakes from!!!!!"