Yvonne October 27, 2017

"I purchased a 3 tier cake for my house warming party and the cak was BEAUTIFUL beyond words. It was DELICIOUS...!!! that was 4 years ago. I still use her for every occasion we have."
Lisa October 27, 2017

"We purchased a cake for my daughters birthday, and It was a gorgeous sheet cake with all my daughters pics from age 5 to age 14. It was beautiful as well as delicious... my daughter is 19 years now and we still buy our cake from Mrs. Franklin"
SB October 27, 2017

"You will not regret purchasing a cake from Mrs. Franklin, her cakes are beautifully made and very very tasty! Well worth the price!"
Mrs. Green October 27, 2017

"Mrs. Deborah made my baby shower cake 3 years ago, everyone was in awe of not only the design but also of its taste. She has also made my daughters 1st and 2nd birthday cake, each year everyone is satisfied."
Abbey October 27, 2017

"I recently tried some of Mrs. Franklin's Gourmet Apples,.... unbelievable!! the price is affordable and they taste is GREAT.. Well Worth Every Penny and More. I look forward to my next purchase, be it Cake or Gourmet Apple."
Ragen McLaurin October 27, 2017

"I recently purchased not one, but two cakes from Mrs. Deborah Franklin. I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend and it was also her birthday. I got a small cake just for her and a larger cake for the guests at the shower. They were both beautiful!!! Most important, they both tasted GREAT!! I will be using Specialty Cakes and Desserts again in the near future!"